A premium vermouth, handmade in Hamburg. With wine from the Rhineland Palatinate and traditional German herbs and spices. How does all that fit together? Quite excellent. How did that happen? Find it out here.

Who? How? What? Vermouth?!

Vermouth is an aromatized fortified wine, flavored with various botanicals like flowers, herbs and spices. Vermouth owes its name to wormwood, one of its ingredients which also gives it its characteristic, slightly bitter taste.


Basically, vermouth consists of one or more wines, which are mixed with flavored alcohol, the so-called tincture, and then sweetened. Depending on the recipe, a variety of ingredients are prepared and dissolved in alcohol before the tincture is "married" to the finished vermouth. 


Why then HELMUT?

Our neighbors in southern europe know and appreciate vermouth for its intense taste and its almost inexhaustible aromatic diversity. And although Germany has a long vermouth tradition, the so-called „Würzwein“ enjoys a rather bad reputation here. Absolutely wrong, in our opinion.

And there it was: the idea for a German premium vermouth. After more than two years experimenting, preparing, mixing, discarding and trying again, the perfect formula was finally found. Now only a real German name had to come. And here you go: HELMUT. 


Wine for HELMUT

The basis of every vermouth is its wine. On the one hand, it has to form a solid sensory basis. On the other hand, it must harmonize with all the complex aromas of the tincture. That's why one thing was clear to us from the beginning: we need a high-quality product - and a winemaker, who comes along with our idea of a German premium vermouth right from the start. And we found him.


Winemaker Christian Nett from Weingut Bergdolt-Reif & Nett has not only developed an excellent cuvee with us - his enthusiasm for HELMUT was noticeable right from the start and it was a great pleasure to work with him. And still is. At this point: If you are visiting the Rhineland Palatinate, make sure you stop at Christians winery and try his wines


HELMUTS secret

The tincture is the heart of a vermouth and is produced by the so-called maceration process. During maceration, ingredients like herbs, spices and fruits are put into alcohol to dissolve the aromatic components. Beside high quality ingredients and a lot of high percentage, this progress requires one thing above all: patience. In case of HELMUT, this means 5 to 8 weeks of ripening time.


HELMUT the White and HELMUT the Red are both made from 25 ingredients each. Before maceration, each ingredient is checked and prepared by hand – meaning peeling, cutting, chopping and so one. Even the smallest impurities or stems are carefully removed by hand, before every ingredient is individually macerated in a separate container. 

Getting HELMUT done

Before the tinctures can be mixed, the now flavored alcohol must be separated from the ingredients. For this purpose, all prepared ingredients are hand-treated with a pressing bag. At this point, we consciously accept a more effortful process to maximize the intensity of the aromas.


After that, the tinctures from Hamburg are „married“ with their wine in the Rhineland Palatinate to finish the vermouth. And even if HELMUT is a lot of work, he makes us happy every day. We still love to have every step of manufactruing in our own hands and are happy when others are just as happy about a German premium vermouth as we are.